Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the best pet & a bloody nose

Shockingly I don't have much to share. I am still packing. Still crabby. Still hanging out in no-man's-land. But even I don't want to hear about that anymore so I will spare you all the gory details! Except this tiny little detail: we have decided to NOT pack our dishes and glasses. We are going to donate them. And then get new ones when we unpack in a year. Exciting stuff! Seriously though our dishes and cups are in such sad's time we part ways. 

So Charlotte drew this picture of me while at the library the other day. 

Initially I thought that was steam above my head. Because while Charlotte was drawing me I was trying desperately to print a few forms while Hannah was sqwauking loudly at my feet (garnering many a dirty look from fellow library patrons) AND turning off the computer. Thus doubling the time required of this simple task AND the number of stink eyes we received. 

But no. Charlotte informed me that was a rainbow above mommy. "Pretty. Just like mommy." Bless her. And her rose colored glasses. Because I was most definitely steaming mad at that evidenced by my crazy eyes included in the drawing!

I overhead this little conversation that Isaiah and Charlotte's hero factory guys were having during bath time last night...

Rawjaw (Isaiah): Sorry won't cut it! Not one little bit!  Grrrr. 
Breeze (Charlotte): Sorry but I love you. You know I love you. 

Isaiah: Villains don't like each other! Charlotte!

I had to laugh. So typical. That boy loves battles and action. And much to his dismay his little sister is more concerned about relationships. Even though they were playing with the same toy the method of play was completely different!

Here are some gems that have found their way into our home and my heart (via Isaiah's backpack): 

Makes perfect sense. A sleepy dog. FYI - our backyard is completely fenced in. And Joe is allergic to cats (and some dogs). Isaiah is allergic to cats. He may be a little fuzzy on the details of our lives...

But not on this next one. This is a completely accurate depiction of an injury that happened to him (which was the writing prompt. Weird, right?!? I think so.) I especially love that he did not feel limited by the three provided spaces for the details of the story. Because that last one is classic Joe. And though I was not present at the time of this particular injury I can hear my husband saying those words as I read them. And it makes me laugh:)

I guess I had a few non-moving related things to say after all. 

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