Monday, May 12, 2014

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Subtitle: Mother's Day, version 2014

All in all yesterday was a pretty good day. I won't bore you all with ALL the details. But some highlights include going to church early BY MYSELF. Because every good mom just wants some time alone on Mother's Day, amiright?!? Then during the church service our pastor instructed everyone to wish all the mothers a "Happy Mother's Day" during the greeting time. The three young (adult) girls in front of Joe and I turned to greet us and were very obviously confused as to whether or not I was a mother and decided to error on the side of caution and did NOT wish me a happy mother's day. I did not correct them and instead enjoyed their confusion. Joe says its because I look so young and hip. HA! It was nice of him to say, but I know the hip part is a lie. Young. Sure I will accept that one.

Going out of sequential order, I did enjoy breakfast in bed yesterday morning made by my darling husband...after I requested it and waited in bed for it. It was still wonderful. The wait time allowed me to get all caught up on facebook and blogs and snuggle Charlotte and Hannah. Not so wonderful was the the gift Joe bought me....undergarments. (I won't go into great detail as to not make people uncomfortable. Think granny panties. Nothing scandalous.) In theory this is a great gift because all of mine are old and threadbare. But the problem with the gift was that they were all the wrong size! Which actually made me laugh at the irony of the whole situation. Becoming a mom has completely changed my body. So much so that my husband doesn't even know the correct size undergarments to buy me anymore. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to me.

What else? I had a lovely tuna melt for lunch....that Isaiah refused to help make because he couldn't be interrupted from playing hero factory. We need to work on his willingness to pitch in and listening. But not yesterday. It was Mother's Day. A day in which I was taking it easy. Eating cake and playing cards with my kids. Not disciplining and working.

(Okay I did do a little laundry too:)

But since I said this post was going to be about ME. Here it is. Me according to my kids in 2014.

Charlotte's drawing of ME:

purple is my favorite color.

And Isaiah's book about ME:

Admittedly I was a little insulted by the book, but Joe says it could be a lot worse. How? I am not I sure. He also threatened to pyschoanalyze me if I continued to feel bad about myself based on my six year old's book about me. Gotta love having a husband on a pysch rotation. Not. So I shut up and sulked quietly. That and I reminded Isaiah of ALL the fun things we do together besides eating! Like crafting and playing cards and going for walks and camping. Just to name a few.

And now the grand finale, in honor of my sixth year as a mom, SIX (random) facts about me (not necessarily related to being a mom). Just for fun:

  1. When I chew gum I prefer half a stick. A whole stick just seems like too much gum at one time.
  2. I am completely tone deaf. I can not carry a tune to save me life. Sometimes just singing the ABCs with my children is a challenge!
  3. I often skip breakfast (unintentionally) and eat tortilla chips and cheese for a midmorning snack instead.
  4. As a child (and even as a newlywed) I NEVER made my bed. (Sorry mom!) But now I can not leave the house without making my bed. My day just seems off otherwise.
  5. I don't eat chocolate. I LOVE chocolate, but it triggers my migraines. I gave it up at age 12 and I have missed it ever since.
  6. In high school I was in synchronized swimming and diving.
Bonus #7 (because I count this as my seventh Mother's Day - contrary to what Joe believes the year I was hugely pregnant with Isaiah totally counts!): I don't drink coffee. Never. Ever. That stuff tastes disgusting.

P.S. I wrote up this post yesterday when my kids were sleeping, but I didn't get the pictures up. So this morning I decided to break my "no blogging while my children are awake" rule to quick add the pictures. The entire I have been working on this Hannah has been feeding me her chewed up and soggy peanuts! Gross. Gross. Gross. This is why I don't try to ignore my children to blog. Lesson learned.

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