Tuesday, April 29, 2014

If these walls could talk...

...here are some of the funny and cute (and not-so-cute) things you would hear...

Isaiah: Whats in the box?
Me: Toys.
Isaiah: (looking around the playroom) Really? It doesn't look like any are missing. Are you sure?
Me: Yep. Pretty sure. I just packed them all.
Isaiah: Oh. Well it really doesn't look like we are missing any toys. Maybe the play kitchen toys...
Me: Clearly we have too many toys!
Isaiah: No! I can tell there are toys missing. Really. Like....like....like.... Mom are you sure it's full of toys?

Charlotte: Sometimes I wish I didn't have a big brodder.
Me: Why?
Charlotte: Well sometimes when we are all playing in Isaiah's room he doesn't want Hannah there so he puts her out of his room. And I like playing with Hannah. And if I didn't have a big brodder then I could play with her too.
Me: I see.
Charlotte: I think it would be better if I had a two year old brodder.
Me: Makes sense. But you have a big brother. Sorry.
Joe: Hannah are you done (eating)?
Hannah: More daddy.
Okay that one isn't really cute or funny. BUT its her second TWO WORD sentence ever so its worthy of documenting in my humble opinion.

And lastly, this morning as we were walking into the restroom at Target to change Hannah's slept-in-all-night-and-poopy diaper (with a diaper two sizes too small and the remaining one and a half wipes I scrounged from my van floor):

Charlotte: Mommy it stinks in here!
Me: Well yes it's a bathroom sometimes they stink. Please hold my wallet while I change Hannah. 
Charlotte: Mommy it really STINKS!
Me: Mmhhmm. 
Charlotte: (looking around and noticing one occupied stall) Oh there is someone in here! I bet it stinks because of that person. 
Me: .... (Red faced and head hung low focusing really hard on the dirty diaper at hand while said occupant emerges from her stall. Meanwhile Charlotte oblivious to her mother's discomfort in the situation begins drilling me on the workings of and content of the feminine hygiene product dispenser.)...not now Charlotte! 

*Updated (to include a few more funnies):

Tonight at dinner I served the kids and then noticed I had tomato sauce on my white sweatshirt so I went to the bathroom to wash it out.  And this is the conversation I overheard from a distance...

Isaiah: Knock knock. 
Charlotte: Who's there?
Isaiah: Daddy. 
Charlotte: Daddy who?
Isaiah: Daddy is coming home. 
Me: (in my head) Ha! That's actually a funny joke. 

And then I hear Joe walk in! Joke was on me. Next I hear Joe riffling through the mail (mostly bills)...

Joe: Who are these people that always want all my money?
Hannah: Mama! 

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