Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our little ballerina

Apparently I don't have a lot to say/type. In fact I can think of very little to say/type. But what I do have is A LOT of pictures of our ballerina from her first dance recital last weekend. Because really is there anything cuter than little girls in tutus?!? There isn't. Trust me.

So excited at dress rehearsal!

This girl was fearless on stage. She had absolutely NO stage fright. She smiled the entire time. And the crowd loved her. She may have been the smallest ballerina on the stage, but she had the brightest smile (says her completely biased mother). She may not have known what to do some  most of the time, but she was adorable imitating the ballerina next to her:) She danced her little three year old heart out and we loved it. Contrary to what her father said, it was the best $35 I have spent in a long time. Totally worth it.

She may have been fearless on stage but bedtime is a different story these days. She begs to sleep with me every night. Her argument? Her bed has bad dreams in it and my bed has good dreams. ALL the good dreams. She bats her eyelashes a bit and quivers her bottom lip as I sternly instruct her to return to her bed and I am instantly a puddle of love, completely and totally wrapped around her little finger. And subsequently I spend much of the night trying to unwrap her body from my bed. Because clearly I cannot deprive my child of good dreams:)


  1. Your pictures turned out SO good! And I love the new look on here :)

    1. Thank you! All the dancing ones were from the rehearsal. And clearly I stay up too late at night editing my pictures...that's how the blog got a little "face lift"!