Tuesday, May 13, 2014


And now a little less about me, me, me and little more about the people that keep my life entertaining...and a tad frustrating:)

Friday afternoon...
Me: Daddy is coming home soon!!
Charlotte: So he will sleep at our house and then go back to the hospital?
Me: No. He is going to be home all weekend with us!
Charlotte: So he will sleep at our house and then go study?
Me: No he will be home all weekend with us!
Charlotte: But he will go to the hospital, right?
Me: No. 

Turns out she was right. He did go study. Why three years in am I still so naive to believe that we would have an entire weekend together??? I don't know. A girl can dream, can't she?


Friday night while tucking Isaiah into bed...

Joe: I really miss you buddy when I am gone.
Isaiah: I miss you a lot too daddy.
Joe: I am glad I am home with you now.
Isaiah: Yeah. I don't miss mommy.
Joe: Well she is home all the time. Its hard to miss someone you are with.
Isaiah: Yeah, but even when she is gone I don't miss her.
Joe: You probably miss her a little....
Isaiah: No.

Saturday evening (while at Joe's distant relatives' home, whom we rarely get together with), Charlotte comes charging into the crowded but (oddly) quiet dining room...
Charlotte: Mom, my undies are dry!!!
Me: That's great...

Sunday evening...

Me: Joe I am sending Hannah your way. She needs a new diaper.
Joe: I am in the kitchen. Making dinner. I can't do it right now.
Me: She isn't poopy. She just needs a new diaper.
Joe: I can't do it. I am preparing dinner. I can't put a diaper on while making dinner.
Me: Yes you can trust. Trust me! What do you think I do every day?!?
Joe: I am preparing food I probably shouldn't change her diaper.
Me: Just do it!

All the time (and everywhere)...

Hannah: Mooo! 

Let me just translate that one. Moo! As in "Noo! I will not hold your hand while walking across the parking lot." And "Noo! I will not sit on this chair. I will STAND." And "No! I will not come to you for a diaper change even though my diaper smells worse than a rotten egg." And lastly, "Noooo! I will not take a picture with you even if it is Mother's Day!"

not that any of my children look especially excited to take a picture with me...



  1. First, love the new picture header. Second, I think you deserve a vacation by yourself. Added bonus: Isaiah will realize he's quite wrong about missing you. I don't know how you do it! I will never look at a doctor's wife the same. Ever. Your blog has been eye opening for me!!

    1. Thank you! Joe has been gone more than usual so I had extra time to mess around with the ole blog:)

      This past three years has been incredibly eye opening for me as well! I have decided the only doctor a person should marry is one that is done with training AND can afford to hire help...