Friday, May 9, 2014

It doesn't count.


Before lunch Charlotte and I took Hannah to go potty. (Charlotte all on her own accordance has decided it is her job to potty train Hannah. Since this is a parenting task I more than gladly pass on to any willing person, operation-Charlotte-potty-trains-Hannah is now underway in our house....about one time per day:) Despite sitting with her in the bathroom for a ridiculously long time and Hannah's repeated "potty" wolf cries, nothing productive happened. After informing Hannah she was "done" and that I was going to get a new diaper for her (clearly we are using the term "potty training" loosely around here...NO super thick undies in sight...still diapers 100% of the time for us!), Hannah made it clear SHE would retrieve the new diaper. So I sat in the living room and waited for my bare-bummed charge to return. Unfortunately before that happened, Charlotte informed me that Hannah had pooped on the carpet (in the playroom while getting the new diaper). Erg. When will I ever learn?!? Never. Apparently.

Before I could even assess the situation Charlotte was eagerly asking me, "Does it count?" As in does pooping on the floor count as "going potty" because clearly it was NOT in her diaper...and if it counts, do I get candy?!?! It didn't count. No candy was dispersed.  Poop on the other hand was scooped and placed in the proper receptacle. And fortunately for me Hannah managed to poop only on the small rug in front of the changing table/door to the garage. And even more lucky for me tomorrow is (free) large garbage pick up day so I just rolled that rug right up and hauled it out to the curb! I have cleaned poop from more than my fair share of surfaces, this rug was not worthy of such attention. Soon our tv + tv stand, non-working lawn mower, dilapidated dresser, spare mattress, and a few other miscellaneous old and broken household items will be joining our poopy rug in its dump-bound fate. It feels good to be getting rid of all that crap. Pun totally intended.



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