Friday, November 1, 2013

Despite how it looks in my Trick or Treating pictures from yesterday, my kids did actually wear real costumes yesterday. They just ditched them for randoms from our dress up bin by the time it was show time:) Such is life. 

Charlotte had been Ariel. Not a red headed, monkey faced, princess! And Hannah was Cinderella. 

Before I had kids I never would have thought that this was cute. Store bought Disney costumes. Bleh. But now as a mom of two little girls who adore princesses and believe they ARE princesses in these costumes. Cutest thing ever:)

Isaiah had been a vampire. For the second year in a row. It is a pretty awesome costume. Unfortunately I don't have a picture from this year. Mom fail. I assumed he would wear it again after school for trick or treating. Wrong. Oops. He was a very handsome vampire. Trust me. 

But my real point here is this. We used fluorescent red hair spray in Charlotte's hair to transform her into Ariel. Why? Because it cost $2 and the wig cost $20. Amazing deal, right?!? Well it was a good deal until I learned why people choose a wig over hair spray for 3 year olds....

Post-nap pillow. I have no idea how it was contained to just the pillow. Charlotte emerged from nap a big pink mess! Sorry no picture of that. 
Shirt #1. Oh and that wash's usually white:)
Her newly pink-er carseat. 
Shirt #2. It's worse than it looks in this picture. Rain and red hair spray is NOT a good combo!
The bath. It would have been much worse but we pre-washed her hair in the sink!

Suffice it to say, after I was done cleaning up that mess I wasn't so sure the savings was worth it. Another great parenting lesson learned!

Speaking of parenting. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of me being a stay at home mom! It seems worthy of recognizing. That's all. 

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