Monday, November 18, 2013

Giving Thanks

I made a Thanksgiving banner for our home. I like it a lot. It's simple & fall-ish. And the fact that I created it from supplies I already owned just makes it that much better.

What I didn't expect from hanging this banner was the reminiscing and pondering it has caused me to do. It's simple message has me thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for. 

I know I grumble & complain a lot here on {the archives}...especially about medical school...but I have a lot MORE to be thankful for. So in no particular order, THE TOP 13 THINGS I am thankful for in 2013: 

1. My husband and his seemingly never ending energy & intelligence. 
2. My three healthy children. That have ALL *mostly* slept through the night for the entire year. Can't ask for much more than that!
3. Government loans that allow my husband to study medicine while I stay home & raise our babies. (Yes, I realize in the near-ish future I will be cursing these same loans once they come due. It's a double edged sword. But for now I am embracing it.)
4. Friends that have become like family this past year. It will make leaving here next summer harder but for now it makes life so much sweeter. 
5. Time to craft & create and just be me. 
6. A small windfall of money that allowed us to purchase a new-to-us car for Joe before his old one broke down. 
7. Extended family. Especially when you guys come visit us. We love our family and we love visitors! It's a winning combination. 
8. Living in an area in which people generously pass down children's clothing. Nice clothes. And lots of them! Oh and all the good stuff people put on the curb as trash. Treasures!
10. Discovering that I am OK with being in my 30s. It's not at all terrible like I had imagined. Maybe in a few years I will be singing a different tune:) For now I am liking this decade. 
11. My iPhone. (Purchased by my former employer. Thank you WH!) Yep. I love it. Probably a bit too much. 
12. The opportunity to work in childcare at MOPS and make a little money. Fun money Plus I earn it by playing with babies, what could be better?!
13. The fact that I realized that it is 2013 and NOT 2012 therefore the need to change my list to '13 Top Things' instead of the 12 I had on here until just moments before I hit publish. WOW. Oh wow. Yep, it's 2013. Has been for 11 months. How I missed that important detail I am not sure. I guess I am also thankful I can laugh at myself and my mistakes:)

Hmmm. A lot of those revolved around money. Or lack thereof. Who knew I could be so thankful for being so poor?!

Oh and in regards to #8, here is my latest curbside treasure:
A desk just for me! I love it. But it clearly needs some TLC. Any suggestions on what I should do with it...paint colors, technique, etc. All ideas welcome. My parents are coming to visit for Thanksgiving. Yay! Which means my mom will probably be forced to help me tackle this project...

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