Sunday, November 24, 2013

Queen of the Castle

Be warned. This is going nowhere. Nowhere fast. It's been a long-ish weekend with Joe gone in the ER and the kids & I cooped up inside. We could have gotten out more. But it's so cold we didn't. Which means I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my noggin just waiting to get out. Ready? Ok. Here we go.

 [And by "so cold" I mean mid-20s and NO snow. Which by my former Fargo dwelling standards is warm for late November. What can I say? Chicago winters have completely spoiled me!] 

Apparently I went to sleep last night in my house and woke up this morning in a castle! At least according to my resident  princess and ninja:) They are busy protecting us and our property from "bad guys". The basement is a jail. How convenient! Meanwhile I am just trying to muster the motivation to get myself and my littlest charge dressed for the day. So far the comfy jammies are winning this power struggle! But I am confident we will be dressed before Joe returns this evening. Mostly confident. It's likely to happen...after I have my soda:)

Last night I did get out of the house. By myself! For a sewing night with friends. I braved the cold and it was totally worth it. We skyped with my mom during our sewing because one friend wants to learn to quilt and my mom is a darn talented quilter. Quilt lessons via Skype worked quite well. Which surprised me. I had thought you would need to be in-person for that kind of thing. Not so much! The Skypeing also made it crystal clear that I have turned into my mother. Within the first 30 seconds of the quilt lesson my mom said two things I had told my friend verbatim. Seriously word-for-word. Random things I had said before Skypeing. It was kind of creepy. My friends found it quite entertaining. 

Yes. I am my mother. I denied it a few weeks ago to my childhood friend's dad. I told him I just had her hands (and her cluttered kitchen sink window sill). But that is a lie. I am just like her in so many ways. Thank you Skype for revealing that to me. 

I was hoping to whip through a lot of small projects last night BECAUSE in a couple weeks I am participating in my first ever craft fair!!! So I wanted to get a bunch of merchandise ready, but my machine was not cooperating! Many a broken needles and uncooperative threads later, I asked my mom for help. She suggested I clean my machine. "Get all the fuzz out!" I was skeptical but willing to try it. Reluctantly I spent my evening cleaning out the fuzz. I even filed down the metal plate thing...with a nail file my mom had put in my sewing kit two years ago. Up until last night I had no clue WHY I had a nail file in my sewing stuff. Now I know. And guess what? Much to my mother's delight (and mine too) my machine is working beautifully!

So today I have been sewing like crazy! Trying to make up for lost time. Apparently my mom knows everything. Fuzz in a sewing machine DOES break needles! I guess it's a good thing I am turning into my mom, someday I will know everything too. That will come in handy:)

This morning I texted Joe looking for some wisdom on handling a little situation in which our children snuck candy and lied to me about the quantity of candy consumed. [It was 3-4 pieces each NOT the stated 1.] When he didn't respond quickly enough I got frustrated. And then I thought about it. He is in the emergency department learning to medically manage real emergencies. Between performing chest compressions on a teen that succeeded at committing suicide and explainining the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia to an autistic child and caregiver and working to get a elderly patient with a hemorrhagic stroke admitted to the ICU, well maybe, just maybe he doesn't have the time to manage my "emergencies" too. I sent the kids to their respective rooms and pondered the situation some more. The candy situation that is. 

Insert a long break here.

It is now almost 12 hours later and I am just now finishing up this long rambly stream of conscience post. 

At 11 am I finally got Hannah dressed! While I was dressing her, the big kids decided to serve themselves lunch. Isaiah made a PB&J and Charlotte served herself leftover mac n cheese. Apparently they don't really need me:)

Joe did eventually text me back. He suggested I throw away half the candy. I didn't. But then in an ironic twist of fate half the candy got ruined. The fan (vent?) in the kitchen ceiling randomly poured water out of it RIGHT INTO the open bag of candy! It really happened. And I could hardly believe it. Still makes me smile just thinking about. Though I hope the pouring water doesn't become a regular occurrence. 

I better end. Because soon I am going to plummet low low low and explain exactly why I don't care for my updated Facebook app. And that is not worthy of discussion. Although arguably nothing I shared today was worthy of discussion:) Oh and yes, I did manage to get dressed before Joe arrived home. And he was even early. Well, if you consider a baggy t-shirt and yoga pants dressed, then I was dressed! Showered? You'll never know. 

[some of my homemade goods to sell]

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