Saturday, November 16, 2013


I know I have mentioned this before, but it is worthy of repeating...especially for the purpose of this story: we have a tiny kitchen. Which has its perks, mind you! But it also comes with a few drawbacks as well. Mainly lack of storage. Half of my "kitchen supplies" live in our basement. Including food items. Not the most convenient. Not ideal. But we make do. 

Our kitchen is so small that it only has ONE drawer. That's it. So that one drawer contains a lot of stuff!  Generally it is a jumbled mess. But within that mess are my very necessary items. Joe doesn't like a mess...of any kind. 

So not surprising, the other day when he was left home (for too long apparently) he took it upon himself to clean out our kitchen drawer. His goal was to simplify and purge the unnecessary items. [He often purges for me when left to his own devices...which isn't all bad since I am far too sentimental and attached to stuff.]

He got rid of baby utensils and kitchen utensils alike, as well as random junk. While the drawer is still a mess, it is less full and easier to find things. I actually like it but I never would have done it myself. 

But what made me really smile was the fact that he felt it necessary to keep TWO ice cream scoops. I am glad he has his priorities straight. This from the man that didn't like ice cream when we met. He's a changed man. I think I will keep him. Him and both our very necessary ice cream scoops!

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