Wednesday, November 6, 2013


During nap time today I sewed! And listened to CME (continuing medical education) lectures. But that wasn't nearly as fun. I got a bit carried away. With the sewing. Not the lectures. And the girls were sleeping so well. Resulting in us being a tad late for picking up Isaiah from school. Oops. We weren't really late. There were still kids lined up by the fence and vehicles in the pick up line. A few anyways. I felt bad of course. And immediately apologized. 

Sorry I was late.
Isaiah: Thats okay.

Me: Were you worried?
Isaiah: Yeah. Kind of. 

Me: You don't have to worry. I will ALWAYS come get you. 
Isaiah:  No. That's not why I was worried Mom. 

Me: Oh....oh. Why were you worried then?
Isaiah: I was worried I would be late to art class!

Me: ....

I guess I am glad he trusts me to always be there for him?!?

Later as we were leaving his art class, Charlotte & Isaiah were raising to the van when Charlotte's pants suddenly dropped. Like down to her ankles. She immediately stopped and bent over (all the way over!) to assess the situation. Funniest thing I saw all day! I just wish I had been quick enough to snap a picture....weirdly enough she didn't oblige my request to re-create the moment for a picture;)

And here is a little sneak peak at my sewing project from today...
My girls' Easter dresses. Yep. I just said EASTER dresses. Because clearly that is how I should be spending my precious free time in NOVEMBER. Makes perfect sense. Or none at alll. What can I say? I got the idea a few months ago and I have been slightly obsessed ever since. I just had to make them. So I did. And I LOVE them. Might even make a few more. 

Oh. And have no fear we made it to art class ON TIME. We were the first ones there actually. 


  1. what did you make the dresses out of?

  2. And what did you make those cute dresses out of and is there matching hair stuff?

    1. T-shirts, ribbon & ruffle fabric. Super easy. I was thinking if you were willing to help we could make all the little girls matching Easter dresses. What do you think?

      Oh and no hair accessories yet. The thought definitely crossed my mind though.