Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life with a toddler.

Somehow I forgot that life with a toddler is like living with a whirling mess-making tornado with endless energy. It hasn't been that long since Charlotte was a toddler so I really shouldn't be that out of practice! And yet I am constantly astounded by the havoc Hannah can create! 

I decided to clean out and organize our playroom the other day. I spent HOURS on this project. I thought I would never finish. But 1 o'clock in the morning eventually...I did. 

And doesn't it look nice? (I am not brave enough to share the before picture. It was a wreck! Piles and piles of stuff crammed on those shelves. Trust me while this is still "busy", it's a lot better than it was:)

Hannah can destroy all my hard work in 30 seconds flat.  And does many, many times a day. Why did I even try?!

Just this morning while giving Isaiah a haircut, I placed Hannah on a (step)stool in the bathroom with us in order to minimize her damage. She managed to unload an entire box of panty liners and tampons and chewed ALL OF THEM. Then I sent her to the playroom while I worked on cleaning up the bathroom.  Upon emerging from the bathroom I discovered she had gotten her siblings half eaten bowls of soggy cereal off the dining room table and dumped them all over herself, the dining room floor, the playroom (carpeted!) floor and the playroom table! So much for damage control. 

[^This was the snack Charlotte served her yesterday while I was getting dressed!]

Just the other day Hannah decided to clean off the play room table all by herself...with a dirty in poopy diaper dirty! So helpful. 

To quote a much wiser mother than me, "Life with kids. There are so many opportunities for reality to exceed our worst possible pre-kid nightmares." I couldn't agree more. 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

And now I am off to buy a turkey...and all the fixings! Because while I am good at many things (like making all sorts of Thanksgiving/fall related crafts with my kids) cooking and baking are not my forte. I do them because I have to not because I want to. However I am hosting this year...and I imagine my parents are expecting a real Thanksgiving meal and not just the random leftovers from our fridge. I can procrastinate no longer! (I wish I were joking about not having a turkey the day before Thanksgiving but it's true!) Wish me luck. I am assuming its a zoo out there. 

One last thing. See that pinecone turkey without eyes (bottom left picture in the collage). The one hiding behind the gourd. I am pretty sure our mischievous toddler ate his eyes. Seriously. She swiped him when my back was turned. I tried to rescue him before he met his demise but she works fast! By the time I got to him he was in pieces. I managed to kinda put him back together except his eyes were NOWHERE to be found. I imagine they will be showing up in a dirty diaper in the next 12-24 hours. I can hardly wait!

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