Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aunt Chelsea

Joe's little sister, Chelsea came to visit us this weekend. It was pretty fabulous. All three kids loved having her around and were constantly vying for her attention. The entire purpose of her visit was just to hang out. And that we did! She joined us for Charlotte's dance class and the kids' workshop at Home Depot yesterday. And today we went to church (on time!) and then cheered on the Vikings while eating a lunch of snack-y food. 

We sure have enjoyed having an extra set of hands around to help with the kids. However I am sure Aunt Chelsea could have done with a little less whining and sibling rivalry. The kids of course. Not her and her brother:) 

Chelsea and I even managed to sneak in a little shopping. Just the two of us. {Charlie charmed me again! Boots to be featured soon...} And we have been staying up late at night chatting. It's nice having another night owl around. 

The funny thing is that "Joe's little sister" isn't so little anymore. She's a grown up woman. But sometimes I forget that. Chelsea was only 7 years old when Joe and I started dating! {That's only one year older than Isaiah is now. I can hardly wrap my mind around that fact.} During our late night chats we have been looking at old photo albums and reminiscing. It's funny. Her memories are completely different than mine. But then again she was just a kid! Her biggest memory from our wedding day was that I allowed her to walk barefoot down the aisle (as a junior bridesmaid) because her grandma had hemmed her dress too short. A fact I had completely forgotten. Other details from that day stick out as a little more monumental to me:)

Ok. Now for the fun part. Old pictures of us...

These pictures are from 2001-2002. There are NO pictures of Chelsea and I the first year Joe and I dated. Why? Because Chelsea didn't like me then. I was "the new girlfriend". And I didn't measure up in her 7 year old mind. I wasn't tall, skinny and blonde. But I won her over eventually. Even if I am short and a brunette. 

Thanks Chels for visiting! Please come back anytime...we loved having you here. Hopefully the feeling is mutual. 

Sorry. I can't skip this somewhat related funny just cracks me up. 

Friday evening Charlotte and I drove into Chicago to pick up Aunt Chelsea from the bus stop. At the very beginning of the drive Charlotte informed me that she was helping the car move with her legs (i.e. Flinstone style). I thanked her for her help and then completely forgot about it. It was a rainy day with lots of traffic. So it was a long sloooow drive. An hour into our journey Charlotte whined from the backseat, "Mo-om!". Turning a simple one syllable term of endearment into a drawn out two syllable complaint as only a child can. She continued to explain (in a whiny voice) that her legs were tired and I would have to move the car for the rest of the drive! 

I did willingly. We made it. And Charlotte's legs rested and recovered:)


  1. Ha! Too funny! I wish you had shared this with me when I got there, my legs were plenty rested from the long ride on the bus :)

    1. Oh man! I should have put you to work!!

      My second favorite quote from the weekend was when Charlotte told you that you could be a real grown up:)

    2. I was so happy to have her permission too! That kid is just a riot!

  2. Those are some lucky kids to have their aunt Chelsea visit. Looks like it was a successful weekend.

    1. It was! Although Chelsea might disagree because she was a tad sick. So it might have been a bit overwhelming for her:(