Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last day of Kindergarten

Today is Isaiah's LAST DAY of kindergarten. The boy is super excited. I am too. We are going to have a blast this summer!  But I am also a little sad. He just isn't so little anymore! My baby is growing up and finishing kindergarten makes it feel so official. He is a big kid. Next year he will be gone ALL DAY LONG...five days a week! I feel like first grade is just the beginning of the end...

Enough drama for one day. I mean it is just first grade for Pete's sake:)
Moving onto the fun stuff - picture comparisons:

Upper Left: confidant almost first grader. Why are you taking my picture MOM?
Upper Right: walking to the first day of school. A little unsure. Nervous but wearing his game face:)
Lower Left: pip squeak
Lower Right: Oh my goodness he grew a foot and learned a TON!

I am so, so proud of my boy and all he has accomplished this year. From learning to read and write to social etiquette (kind of...sort of) to playing chess to responsibility for himself and his belongings (again room for improvement on this one but he has improved!).  It really is amazing all that is accomplished in 9 short months.

I could go on and on. But alas I won't. The kids and I are leaving in the morning. No time to waste. There are bags and bags and bags and bags to be packed. Going on a {solo parent} 3 1/2 week trip with 3 small children is not for the faint of heart...


  1. Way to go Isaiah! Can't wait to see you guys!

    1. Thank you. We are excited to see you guys too. Just a few more days!!!