Saturday, June 8, 2013


I finally did it. I cut my hair. Well technically speaking I didn't cut it:) A lovely young hairdresser at Ulta Salon cut it. (Is my old age showing yet?!)

I LOVE it. And by love I mean I nearly hugged the girl. Then I decided that would be awkward and restrained myself:) 
11 inches gone! Off to a better, more appreciative owner through Locks of Love. This was my fourth (maybe fifth?) time donating my hair. 
Aren't those before pictures horrendous? I hadn't showered in.....a while:) Sorry hairdresser. But it sure made for impressive after pictures!

The first time I donated my hair was as a young newlywed. I was tired of my long hair PLUS I discovered some salons will cut your hair for free when donating! Perfect solution. The cheapskate in me was hooked. And since my hair grows fast the rest is history!

My kids were/are pretty indifferent to my new hair style. (I thought they were going to be more surprised/excited/sad...I don't know just more something!) Although Hannah is a bit confused as to why she can't grab my pony tail and falling asleep tonight without it in her hand was tough but we made it! In response to the picture text I sent him, Joe said "it looks nice but we will know more tomorrow". As in when I style it myself without professional guidance. 

To celebrate my parents, kids and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite childhood restaurants. Ok it wasn't really in celebration. More like reliving the good old days/introducing it to the next generation. The burgers and malts at The 50s Grill were just as delicious as I remembered! And the kids had no complaints about ice cream for dinner. We drove away full and satisfied at 5:42 pm...yeah we are just that hip and happening.

We all could get very used to this summer vacation thing. We may never want to go back to reality where dinner is served with a side of peas and bedtime stories are limited to two!


  1. So you look like mom in the before pics and me in the after! Cute new do!

    1. Hhhmm...I hadn't thought of it that way but I see what you mean:) Although mom cut her hair this week so that might change things:)

  2. Love it!!! You look beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! I am loving it. It has been a really fun change. However I am notoriously bad at maintaining short hair it will probably be long again soon:)