Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Tomorrow. Tomorrow.  
It's only a day away!

This guy takes his FIRST board exam TOMORROW. Step 1. Appropriately named as it is the first major step in becoming a doctor. Besides getting accepted to medical school of course. That's kind of a big one too:) The Step 1 score is what residency programs look at when choosing candidates. Meaning for us that the score has a pretty significant role in our future...

I can hardly believe the day is *almost* here! I feel like the past 6 months have been so focused on studying for Step 1 and it felt like it was NEVER going to happen! And now it is only a day away! 

I completely believe that Joe is prepared and more than competent to succeed tomorrow (and as a doctor for that matter)!  But it is a big deal. It is an 8 hour test that covers 2 years worth of material. So if you think of it would you mind praying for him tomorrow? Pray that he is calm and thorough. And able to recall the information he needs. And quite frankly pray that he is able focus. It is hard taking a test ALL DAY LONG. It gets boring. I know from experience. 

And now onto today:)
See this guy?
That is NOT my husband. That is my husband's little brother. Uncle Chris. But don't tell Hannah. She thought it was her daddy. Isaiah made the same mistake as a 2 year old! 

That's all. 

Oh wait. Charlotte just told me if a volleyball hit her hand and broke off her thumb I could use glue and a bandaid to fix it. Because she needs it for sucking! She ended her story with "I was just thinking about that Mom." A little glimpse into the inner workings of a 3 year old mind:)

P.S. Joe if you are reading this, I love you and I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished over the past 2 years. You have made med school look easy and I am sure you will do the same tomorrow! You have got this thing! Oh and sorry for copying the picture you texted me and putting it on the blog:) I hope that doesn't stop you from sending picture texts in the future. 

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