Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friends or enemies?

Today Isaiah made friendship bracelets. Matching friendship bracelets. For Charlotte and himself! Melt my mama heart. So sweet. 

Ok. Ok. Truth be told initially he asked me to help him make the bracelets for a classmate. And I, in classic mom mode, agreed without taking my eyes off my task at hand (preparing lunch for 3 hung-gary kids). Then I looked at his bracelet supplies and realized the charms he wanted to use were Charlotte's. I quickly recanted my agreement explaining to him, while it was very thoughtful of him, he could not give away his sister's stuff without her permission!

He immediately suggested friendship bracelets for him and Charlotte! Perfect solution. 
And they have been wearing them ever since! Stranger yet is the fact that they have been playing friends too! Seriously crazy! Because the last few weeks with these two has been full of pushing each other's buttons ON PURPOSE! It is like they want to see just how upset they can get the other one before mom will intervene or lose it!!! And unfortunately it is usually the latter. 
See that? That is the face of an aggravated little sister. Brought on by her big brother who is pretending he doesn't know what he is doing!

And that is something I have seen very little of since the creation of the friendship bracelets! I might just require them to wear them EVERY day from now...until high school graduation! That isn't too excessive is it?!

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