Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Up North

Where the mosquitos are thick and hungry. The ticks are plentiful. And the air is heavy with heat and humidity. That is where the kids and I can be found. Sounds just delightful, doesn't it? Despite how it may sound, it really is wonderful.
We are surrounded by family. Playmates galore! And wide open spaces to explore. Turtles and toads have been collected by the buckets full (and released:). Games have been played - I even managed to squeeze in a round of golf with my cousins...the card game not actual golf!
We have been spoiled rotten by all the grandparents and extended family. My aunt served the kids breakfast (= juice & CHOCOLATE Lucky Charms) on TV trays while watching cartoons this morning.  And tonight they had ice cream and raspberries before bed! They are never going to want to leave...
Me neither now that I think of it! A couple bugs and poison ivy has never scared me away before, why should it now? 


  1. This post reminds me so much of summers as a kid. I hope my kids get to continue to experience this wonderful place as they get older.

    This is the kind of blog post that makes me wish I blogged.

    1. I know what you takes quite a bit of effort to get everyone there but totally worth it! I would read it! And what about this particular post makes you want to blog?!