Friday, June 7, 2013


I survived solo parenting at the pediatrician's office for back-to-back well child checks {yesterday} and 400 miles in the van {today}. And I am not sure which was worse...

The appointments only lasted one hour. BUT that one hour was confined to a 15x15 foot space that seemed to amplify my children's whines, grunts and all out shrieks! All while I was either A) attempting to converse with our sweet and very patient pediatrician or B) trying to cajole/force my children to *appropriately* interact with their doctor! Oh the joy! And for some reason I thought rice cakes would be a good snack to bring along.  Sorry janitorial staff for that one! I am sure the remnants are still being found...
But aren't they adorable in their little gowns?!

The drive from Illinois to Minnesota was...well as would be expected when traveling alone with 3 small children. Plenty of crying and chaos confined to a too small space. A space that somehow transforms into a too large space when I can't reach the needy children in the back! This phenomenon still boggles my mind even after 8 hours in that space!
See that ever happy dream lite? Her smirk mocked me and my dreams of a pleasant trip for the ENTIRE 400+ miles!

Looking on the bright side, my husband bought me a *fun* drink for the drive:

I am just hoping all those antioxidants are voiding the accelerated aging effects due to the stress:) A girl can dream, right?!

Oh and if today had been an episode of survivor I know who I would have kicked off my minivan island...lucky for her that isn't how real life works!

But the good news is we all survived (with just a few tears shed) and now we are ready for VACATION! Onward and upward I am sure.


  1. Once again, you win Mom of the Year! Seriously, any mom driving that far with three kids under age 6 is amazing! I'm curious if the tears shed were yours or the kids?? :) Have a great time with family and we will anxiously be waiting for your arrival back home!

    1. Mom of the Year...NO! Just crazy traveling lady:) The tears were {mostly} theirs...thankfully we took turns throwing tantrums! Should be a fun return journey;)