Friday, June 14, 2013

Mr (or Mrs) Turtlick

*Disclaimer: mostly this is post for my husband because he misses the kids and wants an update. Therefore it will be full of kid pictures and very little else:)

We "rescued" a turtle from the middle of the road yesterday. The kids' reactions to our turtle range from excitement to fear to indifference. They did however pick a good name for him (her?): Tootie Turtlick.
Tootie has been "hissing" at us quite a bit so I was afraid we found a mean turtle! After a little googling I discovered turtles don't have vocal cords, who knew?! The "hissing" is actually the air rushing out so they can fit in their shell when they are scared! So as long as we can get Tootie to eat we will be keeping him/her around until The Turtle Races in a few weeks. 

And now for the picture overload: a morning at the park with Grandpa Paul. 

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