Monday, September 5, 2016

Pretty Little Braids

Levi is at the most perfect adorable age. His vocabulary is limited but growing. (Almost) everything he says makes me smile. Even his defiant "nope" is cute. He tries so hard to narrate and describe his little world. And I love it. Actually we all do.  His siblings are constantly encouraging him to try new words (with some success). 

By far his more endearing statement is "pretty". He uses it often to describe me and/or my clothing. When I braid my hair I'm guaranteed an approving smile, pat (on the braid) and declaration of "pretty" from my youngest admirer. Makes me want to braid my hair every day!

Then this afternoon while we were playing in the sandbox Levi handed me a dead leaf and happily described it as "PRETTY". So much for making a mama feel good about herself. 

Speaking of braids I've been teaching myself how to French braid the girls' hair. It's far from perfect. But I'd say it's presentable. 

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