Thursday, September 29, 2016


Today I tried something COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. 

Baby-wearing ZUMBA. 

It was so hard. But so fun. Even though I looked completely ridiculous, I had a blast! When I wasn't on the brink of death I was having a blast. The best was when Levi wasn't trying to climb out of the ergo and he would smile up at me. I think he liked it too! It's a mommy and me class so my big girls could join is as they wanted. We ended the class with planking and I seriously thought I was going to die. I lived:) But I may not be able to walk tomorrow though. 

This is as a good of point as any to say that before Joe started residency I had this dream/vision of what residency would look like for me. And at the tip top of that dream there was a YMCA membership with 2 hours of childcare/day included. Jokingly I told Joe he could only apply to residency locations that had YMCAs. I may have been joking but I really wanted that gym membership. Not because I like to work out. Mostly because I like my sanity. And a million years ago I met my friend Andrea. Ok. Not a million years. More like 7. It just feels like a lifetime ago. Back when medical school and residency was just a dream for Joe. And Andrea had two little boys and a husband in residency and she was (and still is) incredibly sane. She also had a YMCA membership with childcare that she utilized regularly. I attributed her sanity to that YMCA:) She was (and still is) incredibly fit. So way back then I decided that if/when Joe started residency I would be just like Andrea. Sane and fit. 

Imagine my disappointment last summer when we moved for residency and I discovered while our town has a YMCA it does NOT have childcare. (Yes I realize I could have found a different gym with childcare. But I didn't.) So as it turns out I was barely sane and I was most definitely the opposite of fit the entire first year of Joe's residency. Because apparently doing zero exercise and eating tortillas and tortilla chips daily does not make a person healthy - mentally or physically. But this year I'm changing that. I'm finding new ways to be sane and fit. And Mommy & Me Zumba is one of those ways. And maybe (just maybe) a few less tortillas. 

Me and my incredibly sane friend Andrea, five years ago. 

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