Sunday, September 25, 2016

Broken Oggy.

The baby of the family really does get away with basically anything! I've kinda always known this. (I'm the baby of my family.) But now as the mom I see how it happens. Perfect example with my kids: pacifiers. Isaiah (baby #1) had his pacifier taken away by 15 months. And even then I felt bad about letting him have it (for sleep only!) after his first birthday. Charlotte (baby #2) never really took a pacifier. She preferred her thumb. Her right thumb. Hannah (baby #3) had a pacifier until 11 months. Maybe until her first birthday. But that was it! Now Levi (baby last baby) had his pacifier up until yesterday. He is 20 almost 21 months. 

And the only reason it was taken away yesterday was because it broke. I could see it was cracked (from Levi chewing on it) so I showed Joe and he promptly tore the tip right off...right in front of Levi. It nearly broke the kid's heart. Look at those sad eyes. That boy LOVES his "Oggy". And now Oggy is no more. 

But he's surviving without his pacifier! I wanted to give him a substitute pacifier at nap yesterday but Joe said no. So we didn't. And he cried for a few minutes (less than 5...I timed it on my phone because it broke my heart) and then he took a solid two hour nap. And last night he slept all night without a pacifier. Today nap started without ANY crying. BUT he does tend to wake up sad and asking for Oggy. Lest I make it sound like complete smooth sailing over her. 

But we are surviving. 

No more pacifiers. It's like the end of an era around here. 

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  1. Pretty sure I'm going to let Cooper take his paci to kindergarten...