Monday, September 26, 2016

Happenings and such

Yesterday Joe worked a 16 hour shift and Levi had a nose like a faucet so that meant no church for me and the kids. Meaning we had A LOT of hours to fill. We ran a few errands, played at a park, and had play date with friends. I washed a load of laundry and hung it out to dry (just to have it rained on). There were of course a million dishes to be washed and mouths to be fed. But I decided I needed something fun for myself so I picked up new mascara and eye shadow at the grocery store. And while the kids were playing nicely I snuck away and tried on my new make up. 

At dinner the kids all agreed it looked nice (after I asked them if they noticed anything different about mommy). But Charlotte was quick to ask me to not wear "scary eyes" to school because she likes regular mommy more. 

A few weeks ago I overheard this conversation from the back of my van after dropping Isaiah off at school. And it gave me a good laugh...

Levi: Iya? Iya?
Charlotte: Isaiah is at school. 
Levi: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?
Charlotte: Daddy is at the hospital. You don't need Daddy. You need Mommy. 
Levi: NO. Daddy. Daddy?
Charlotte: Daddy is at the hospital. 
Hannah: He's helping the kids with owies.
Charlotte: The sick kids need daddy. You need mommy. 
Levi (unconvinced): No! Daddy. 
Charlotte: The kids with owies need daddy. You need mommy. 
Levi (pointing to a teeny tiny scratch on his leg): OWIE!!!

It's tough being the second rank parent...but someone's got to do it. Seriously though this guy loves his daddy something fierce these days. Even after he broke his beloved Oggy!

Charlotte has been wanting us to have a garage sale of our very own ever since we moved to Texas. She asks frequently. And I finally said yes (only because I knew some other residency wives would join me and I wouldn't be sitting out in the blazing heat with my junk all alone). 

And thank goodness for these ladies because I NEVER would have been able to do it without them. I looked at Joe's schedule wrong and planned the garage sale for a day he worked. Oops! These ladies basically ran MY garage sale while I juggled the kids and their needs and pretended to work the sale. Not pictured is the one residency wife that showed up with her kids - not to sell anything - just to hang out! Which basically means she watched my kids for me for a couple hours in exchange for a few snacks for her kids. I definitely won there! Though after the sale when I texted her asking what percentage of my sales I owed her, she said none. She also said my kids are "a hoot". I'm going to assume that is code for crazy, barely controlled maniacs.  

I made $175 in one morning. We may no longer have a dining room table but it was worth it! Because I've got a fun new coffee table and new blinds for the playroom. 

(Our playroom table is substituting nicely for a dining room table until my parents bring us the real replacement at Thanksgiving.)

I know I had more random things to report on. Like the time I found a complete (wrapped) caramel while sweeping and felt like the biggest winner! Exciting stuff is happening around here I tell ya:) But since this has taken me over a week to type up I'm just going to stop here. Good enough. Life is happening. And it's mostly good. 


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    1. Considering this was one of my worst posts ever...THANK YOU. You are too kind.

  2. We need to decorate that wall in your dining area. Shall I send you a sign that says, "when everything is going wrong, remind me that I am blooming!"?

    1. Haha! Yes!!! That big white wall does have a few decorations on the opposite end of this picture. But mostly it's blank:)