Sunday, September 11, 2016

Waiting for the tooth fairy

Charlotte lost her first tooth today! 

She was so brave letting me twist it "just one more time. And a little more..."  She cried after it popped out into my hand and not because of the pain. She cried because she was so excited! 

Brother and sister are pretty excited too! They are planning and scheming together to have a sleepover in the girls' room and stay up ALL night. They want to see the tooth fairy. Though admittedly Hannah is a little afraid of the tooth fairy and Charlotte is doubting her existence already. And I'm pretty sure Isaiah has the system figured out. But it's cute to watch them so excited. I might just let them try to stay up...just this once! If nothing else they will be up late enough to tell daddy the exciting news. (Joe is working late tonight and Charlotte won't let me text him the news and it's kinda killing me because I'm not good with keeping secrets!) 

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