Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My beach with my people.

Sometimes. Just sometimes it is best to ignore real life and all it's responsibilities and go to the beach. Especially at the end of a crazy weekend!

Sure mowing the lawn and mopping the floors are important and necessary tasks but they can wait. Living in a messy house is ok. The bathroom counters can be wiped down later:) Especially when it means an impromptu evening with family and friends. Relaxing in the sun. 

Last year I struggled with figuring out where - more specifically with whom - I fit in here in Texas. Finding "my people" so to speak. Because on the surface it seemed like I would/should befriend the ladies at my church and MOPS group. But it just didn't happen. I didn't connect with anyone (and believe me I tried). Likewise it seemed like I should have been able to make friends with other moms from my kids' schools last year. But nope. So this summer while I was away I spent time thinking about this lack of friends conundrum I found myself in and I decided to concentrate my efforts on residency people this year. Because despite not having many things in common (age, beliefs, marital status, children/no children, etc) we had one major thing in common. We are all living/surviving residency. And that's enough. More than enough. 

And on this particular beach day I sent out last minute text messages to two residency wives inviting them to join us at the beach. Both of these women showed up and spent time with me and my wild crew. Just the confirmation I needed that I had indeed found "my people". And I can stop looking elsewhere. These people get me and our crazy life right now because they are living it too! 

Oh and if just hanging out wasn't of them even invited us over for a swim in the pool. 

And a swim in the pool at sunset is most definitely THE BEST way to end a weekend. Even if it meant the kids got bed a little late. We'll clean and sleep...later;-)


  1. I've lived in RI for 16 years now...and through many life changes (babies, jobs, etc.) I'm still trying to find my people :). I'm now "retired" so I've lost my work people; my neighbors have different values than us; we started at a new church/MOPS but those people already have established's so hard and so sad. BUT your post has given me hope! Oh, and an evening at the beach??? My favorite thing of all time (after 4:00 our favorite beach stops charging to park!!!!).

    1. Making friends is HARD! I don't know why. It just is. It's a lot like dating. You have to make a lot of effort and be vulnerable at the beginning - which is scary. Don't give up. Keep trying. You WILL find your people.