Saturday, September 10, 2016

This kid.

The other day I was sharing my "recipe" for baby wipes with a few moms via Facebook and I wrote the words "In my experience of making these for the past almost 10 years...".  Hold up. Woah! Almost 10 years. I've been making baby wipes for almost a DECADE. And babies too for that matter. I actually did the math a few months ago after I weaned Levi (because I was feeling guilty/selfish) and in the last 10 years I have been either pregnant or nursing for 7.4 of those years! Suddenly I didn't feel quite so selfish. 

And then last night I said to Isaiah "Trust me. I've been doing this for you for ten years..." He was quick to remind me that I have only been his mom for nine years. Not ten! And then because I'm so smart I corrected him. Because technically I've been his mother for ten years. It was ten years ago this month I found out I was pregnant with him. So I win;-)

This of course got me thinking. And mostly reminiscing. Because...well...that's just what I do! Ten years ago Joe and I were both seniors in college and set to graduate that year.  We had been married for three years. I had been accepted to multiple PA graduate programs. Together we had accepted an offer from a program in Arizona. We were getting ready and very excited to go on a cross country adventure for a couple years while I furthered my education. The plan was after I graduated from PA school we would move back to Minnesota - near our families. I'd get a nice part time clinic job. He would work in finance. We'd buy a house. And get settled. Then a few years after that we would have a couple kids. 

Two little blue lines on a pregnancy test one early September morning changed everything. And those plans went flying out the proverbial window!  I almost laugh thinking back on the life we had planned for ourselves back then. And clearly God did too. Because today our life looks nothing like I dreamed it would a decade ago! 

Ok. Maybe not nothing like I dreamed. Just very different. But one thing I know for sure is my life is far better than I ever dreamed thanks to those two blue lines. A test result that I initially thought was the end of my life was really just the beginning. And I love that nine year old boy more than life itself. 

Even if he is part monkey:)

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