Wednesday, April 23, 2014

put me in the zoo, zoo, zoo

Since Grandpa was going to the zoo with Isaiah (and his class) on Monday, we decided to go too!

And I am so glad we did because it was such a FUN day. I almost didn't write about it because everything went perfectly. There really isn't much to share besides pictures (and I have tons of those!). Seriously everything went as planned or better. We got there EARLY, found free street parking easily, met Isaiah's class at the designated time and place (to drop off Grandpa) and then the girls, my mom, and I meandered around the zoo happily for a few hours.

We saw animals and picnicked. We chatted. We laughed at the girls' reactions to different animals. The polar bear even put on a show for us with her ball under the water! There were no meltdowns or temper tantrums. No potty accidents or injuries. Nothing was lost or broken. No sibling brawls. The weather even cooperated for us - the rain held off until we were driving away. I guess that's how a day goes when the child to adult ratio is 1:1. I am not used to that (but I could get used to it)! It felt surreal. And far too easy for an entire day spent at the zoo!

But since the only other thing that has happened this week was Earth Day*, zoo pictures it is...

I realize that pictures don't do it justice. Trust me, watching a polar bear swim and play with a ball is pretty entertaining and amazing.

Brace yourselves, there are more cute kid and animal pictures. Many, many more...

Giraffe pants found a real giraffe! But she thought it was a doggy:)

 Speaking of Hannah's mislabeling of animals here are a few more that I found entertaining.

"LION! Rawr!"


"Kitty! Meow."

Bless her, she tried! I guess that last one was pretty accurate. And bonus, she was using her WORDS.

 Thank you mom & dad for making our zoo day such a breeze! I could have done it without you, but I am glad I didn't have to. Oh and thank you for allowing me to document you guys taking a selfie on Easter...cracks me up every time I look at this picture!

*I only know it was Earth Day yesterday because Isaiah had a (ridiculously annoying) assignment for the "holiday". He was to make a Trash Kid entirely out guessed it...TRASH! Trash Kid was also to have a super power related to taking care of our planet. Trash kid was completed (with the super power of being able to shrink the earth, catch it in a net and shake all the trash off it) after much gnashing of teeth and pulling out of hair by myself, Joe, Grandma and Isaiah. It was a painful project to complete to say the least. In fact I tried to have Isaiah turn it in unfinished but his teacher sent it back for him to complete! erg. No pictures of this wondrous creation. Sorry. I hope to never see Trash Kid again.


  1. Where was the free street parking? Heading down there may 9th. Want to come???

    1. Right out front on N. Cannon Drive. If you get there early there is plenty available but then your walk into the zoo is a bit longer:) Thanks for the invite but I think we are all zooed out at the moment. Have fun!