Thursday, April 17, 2014

story of my life

30 minutes before we need to pick up Isaiah from school....


 She finally fell asleep - tucked away in her princess tent - in her undies:)

10 minutes before we are supposed to pick up Isaiah from school...

5 minutes before we are supposed to pick up Isaiah from school...

I mean I wouldn't appreciate being ripped from my cozy nest and forced into clothes, shoes and a jacket either! I get it. But it doesn't make it any less challenging for me to navigate this situation. Thankfully most days Hannah wakes up happy - even when I rip her from her warm crib and place her in her cold carseat before she even has a chance to open her eyes fully. Yesterday wasn't one of those days. Yesterday was a day in which I was carrying two crying, thrashing girls to the van, loading their stiff arched bodies into carseats and then unloading and carrying them into Isaiah's school.

Story of me life, right now.

Next year we won't have this conundrum. Homeschooling starts and ends when I choose. Homeschooling can be done anywhere. I am soooo looking forward to THAT. I am sure there will be plenty of downsides to homeschooling as well. But until I discover them, I am looking forward to uninterrupted nap times.

We will also hopefully be able to avoid this little conundrum next year as well...

Cliffnotes version of Isaiah's daily news from Monday: It was a no good day because he was tired from staying up late playing cards.
Yep we pretty much felt like terrible parents when we got an e-mail from his teacher about his bad day! We had no one to blame except ourselves. We had let him stay up late playing cards with us when Grandma Cyndy was here...even on a school night:) Apparently overly tired kids aren't so successful in school! Who knew?!


  1. I'd be willing to bet Isaiah made a great memory playing cards with his Grandma... He'll forget about the "no good" day that followed ;)