Sunday, April 20, 2014

the most beautiful holiday

The other day while I was trimming Isaiah's hair he was making faces at himself in the mirror. At one point he showed me his bunny face. Immediately I said, "Like the Easter Bunny!" To which Isaiah responded "Who?! The Easter who?" I started to explain and then I stopped myself because I am okay with my kids not knowing who the Easter Bunny is. I like that they know that Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins. And THAT is why we celebrate. Because our Savior loves us and took our punishment for us on the cross. He shed his blood and gave his life for us.

And then we brought Charlotte to dance class on Saturday morning...

..and my kids met the Easter Bunny! He was kind of hard to miss...

That and the THOUSANDS of eggs spread out across the lawn! Craziness. So NOT the reason for celebration, but fun nonetheless. So of course we participated.

Well most of us participated. Charlotte had to dance and miss the egg hunt!

the bunny face

 My life is complete. I have now had my picture taken with a man in a bunny costume:)

This is the first year in eight years that we have NOT traveled to South Dakota for Easter. Admittedly it feels a bit strange to be at home for Easter, but thankfully my parents traveled to us (which saved me approximately 16 hours of driving with the kids) and we have been having a fabulous last minute impromptu weekend together. Joe and I even managed to sneak off and go on a lunch date yesterday! Such a treat to spend time alone. Although my dad pointed out the fact that two years ago when my parents came to visit Joe and I went to Las Vegas for four days and last year when they visited we went to Chicago overnight and this year we went to lunch. Umm...there is something wrong with this trend! Joe jokes that by next year we will only be able to go on a walk together. On the bright side, this is the first Easter the kids and I have spent with Joe in (I believe) five years. Which means its the first Easter Charlotte or Hannah has ever spent with their dad! And I didn't even get a family picture. Getting kid pictures felt challenging enough to me. Plus we were a tad rushed as Joe needed to sleep during the day so he can stay up all night with the laboring ladies tonight! Maybe next year.

Isaiah: Hey mom, I think I know why Easter is called Easter.
Me: Oh yeah. Why's that?
I: You know how Esther - from the Bible - is very beautiful. And God likes beautiful things. 
Me:  Yes... [confused but curious as to where this was going]
I: Well Easter is all about Jesus dieing on the cross and rising again for our sins. And God likes that. So it's beautiful to him!
Me: Mmhmmm. 
I:  It's beautiful to God. Just like Esther is beautiful to God. Esther. Easter. They sound almost the same. And they are both beautiful to God. 
Me: I really like your theory buddy. I don't know why it's named Easter but you are right it is beautiful to God. 
I: Hey mom, I'm hungry. What can I eat?

Despite all the last minute changes and Joe's wacky schedule, it really has been a beautiful day. Filled with worship and singing. Family and fun. Sunshine and laughter. 



I tried to get Hannah to take a picture with me. She refused.
She was on a mission to find more EGGS!

Charlotte added a few accessories to her outfit as the day went on.

Proof that Joe was in fact with us today and awake for some of it.

And tomorrow Grandpa gets to join Isaiah on his class field trip to the zoo...lucky Grandpa!


  1. Sorry about canceling, but it looks like the weekend was a success for you guys. It's too bad you guys weren't here though because the weather was the best it has been in 8 years. I actually felt hot yesterday.

    1. Well then maybe it is a good thing we stayed away because it probably would have snowed if we would have come! It just isn't Easter in SD without snow:)

    2. I guess we can thank you for our wonderful day than!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family (belated)! Your kids Easter outfits are ADORABLE and I love your little guy's explanation for "Easter" :)

    1. Thank you! I liked their outfits too...except Charlotte's socks! She insisted on wearing them and it just wasn't worth the battle to me:)

  3. What about the whole week in Mexico?

  4. Your time away from forgot about the whole glorious week on the beach of Mexico.