Monday, March 25, 2013

We made it!!!

After 17 hours in the van we arrived in {cold, snowy} South Dakota! Thankfully the drive went without major incident. The kids were troopers. And I only felt like I was going crazy about the 14 hours of driving point:) Luckily Grandma Donna was able to take over kid duty at that moment.

Since then we have been playing and eating...a lot! Cousins are running around enjoying themselves and grown ups are sitting around enjoying themselves:) Well not everyone...Luke is working hard around the clock with all his birthing cows!

Isaiah has taken on the role of Uncle Luke's ranch hand. It's a tough job but someone has to do it:)

We are anticipating the arrival of the rest of the family later this week. More cousins. More fun to come!


  1. So glad you made it! I've been thinking about you. You are one brave momma! Have a blessed week!

    1. Brave or just plain crazy...

      Thank you - we are having a fabulous time! We just wish Joe could be here too.

  2. So glad to be on board with the Yards. The adventure has been great so far.