Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I have a problem...

A stroller problem that is.

I keep buying strollers. And using them:) It seems with every child I have and with every change of season plus the ever changing developmental levels of my children I NEED a new stroller. It really has become a problem.

A walk down memory lane....
Stroller #1 (2007 - 2012)

Purchased NEW with gift cards from baby showers. It was part of the stroller-carseat combo. I never really loved it, but it worked. Sold it at a garage sale for $25. I kind of regret selling it though.
Stroller #2 (2007 - present)

I bought this for Joe for his first Father's Day when Isaiah was a mere 4 days old. I think I got it for $100 on sale. I am pretty amazing! It has been well used and loved. Sadly it no longer rolls straight without A LOT of effort. Not so ideal for running.
Stroller #3 (2008 - 2011)

A basic umbrella stroller - not pictured because I NEVER USED IT. Not even once. Oops. Bought it at garage sale for $2 and sold it at a garage sale for $2. Now I am thinking I wish I had it for keeping in the van for this summer...see I have a problem!
Stroller #4 (2011 - 2012)

Purchased at a garage sale for $30. My husband agreed because he thought I was buying it for my sister. Used quite a bit, but not loved because it was difficult to manuever. We put it on the curb with a FREE sign and it was gone within the hour.
Stroller #5 (2011 - present)

Best $35 spent on a stroller ever! I bought it at a garage sale of course:) We are still rockin' this sit n stand! I did have to buy a cup attachment for $8 though. What kind of stroller doesn't have a cup holder? Mom needs her caffiene...I mean water to stay hydrated:)
Stroller #6 (2011 - present)

McNasty was picked up on the side of the road on "dump day". He really was nasty but cleaned up nicely. With a little bit of love and labor this has turned into a great stroller for us. Now if I could convince my husband to push 2 kids while running...
Stroller #7 (2012 - present)

{After searching my archives I was unable to find a picture of the new jogging stroller. I will remedy this as soon as possible.}

This was my solution for wayward stroller #2. $30 at a garage sale.
Stroller #8 (2012 - present)

This one is a loaner. Because clearly I do not need to purchase another stroller! It has been the perfect stroller this winter allowing the kids and I to get out and about without me having to lug Hannah + carseat around. Thank you Erica!

Like I said, I have a problem!

Yes, I own this too, but I don't count it as a stroller. Technically it is a bike cart.

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