Friday, March 22, 2013


on a jet plane!

Oh how I wish that were true. Yes we are leaving, but instead of a jet plane we get my minivan. And instead of a pilot and crew, there will be me, my kids and our new portable DVD player plus a gazillion snacks.

We are headed to South Dakota for Easter! It will be a fabulous week of fun with family if I can survive the 750 mile trek first. Before I sound like a complete martyr, my parents will be joining me half way through the drive!!!

And we are a herd of turtles  bunnies!


  1. Holy cow, 750 miles! I hope that's round trip and not one way! In either case, good luck! At least you're going for a week! Found you though Mommy Moments.

    1. Unfortunately that is ONE WAY! But we are here now and having a fabulous time with family.