Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reigning myself in.

At the library I saw some of the worst, laziest parenting. Three moms* were chatting while their boys ran WILD! The boys were obnoxious and destructive. Just imagine the exact opposite of proper library behavior and that was them. The moms would occasionally break from their conversation {which revolved completely around the boys ironically} to threaten the boys to stop or they would leave. This went on for an hour without so much as a real consequence! Initially I was annoyed by their lack of parenting. My annoyance turned to pride. Some days I think I am a bad parent but at least I am not THAT bad! Right?!? {Pride cometh before the fall...}

Fast forward a couple hours and I was talking with my sister on the phone. Over the course of our conversation it became clear to me there are areas with each of my children that I need to be more intentional with my parenting. Areas that I am quite lazy in my parenting. {What is that a plank in my eye?}

Isaiah: We have allowed him to miss many school days this year. Because "it is just kindergarten". Technically he missed his first and second day - YIKES - that is bad! He has missed for trips to visit family, sick days (legit), broken down van (somewhat legit) and an impromptu trip to the Dells. I have to remind isn't just kindergarten. It is in fact the beginning of how he is going to view education. And despite our track record of poor attendance I really do want him to value education and his teachers.

Charlotte: She is a very sloooooooow and light (read: very small portions) eater. She isn't necessarily picky. She just doesn't eat much. Because of this we tend to give her very small portions. Therefore it shouldn't be difficult for her to eat all of her food. On the semi-rare occasion that we have dessert in the house we use the "you-must-finish-your-dinner-to-get-dessert rule". Except we don't enforce it with Charlotte. Terrible parenting, I know! We have fallen into the mindset that she is never going to finish her dinner so why try? L-A-Z-Y. I am resolving to change this before she believes we won't follow through with any of our rules which is a recipe for disaster!

Hannah: This girl sleeps all night in her crib and has since she was 6 weeks old. Nap time? That is whole different story. The story being that she mostly naps on me:( Sometimes on her boppy on the floor. She used to nap solely in her bouncy seat in the bathroom with the fan running. Thankfully we weaned her of that...directly into napping on mom. BAD. I mean I LOVE IT, but I know it is not a good long term solution. And she is 7 months old for goodness sake! I have tried the crib, but her naps are shorter than Charlotte's and she tends to wake her sister. No bueno. My new solution is a pack n play in the master bedroom. I know this is for the best, but I am having a hard time letting go of our afternoon snuggle time.

Her first nap after I decided to make the change...oops! Failing already...

*Sorry library moms for judging you so quickly. You probably are fabulous moms and just needed a break and a chance to connect with other moms. I totally get that. I have been there. And I am sure I will be there again. So please don't be so quick to judge me when my children are running around like wild monkeys. Again sorry.

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