Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Drop Off {mad} Dash

For me the time between 12:15 and 12:45 pm contains some of my ugliest, worst moments as a mother. It is during that time that I speak some of the harshest words to my children. I am not patient and I am easily frustrated. I can be downright rude and unkind to my children. I truly despise this about myself. And I want to change. I pray every day that I will do better. And some days are better. Yet some days are ugly and leave me in tears. I have questioned why God blessed me with 3 beautiful children when I clearly do not deserve them during these times.

So what happens from 12:15 to 12:45? That is the time every {week} day that I have to load up all the kids and drop Isaiah off at kindergarten. Sounds simple enough, right? Yet inevitably something goes wrong and we are running behind. A lost boot or mitten. A diaper MUST be changed. School snack wasn't packed or a library book is misplaced. It snowed and the van has to be uncovered. Or Charlotte's legs quit working. (This happens a lot!) Two year old legs sometimes just don't work right:) Add to all of this the fact that I {unknowingly} bought Isaiah a winter jacket that is he unable to zip himself. It is a small thing, but it can be the straw that breaks this camel's back. And all of this work is done in order to drive 1.2 miles to his school. It seriously turns me into a crazy person.

One day last week I was shocked to discover that we only had 3 minutes to get Isaiah to school once we were all loaded in the van. I was shocked because the loading process had gone so well, without a hitch really! So I thought we had plenty of time. Not so much. I guess we were slow pokes. I drove like a mad woman to get there just in time. I told Isaiah he could unbuckle as soon as we got in the parking lot and he could jump out of the van as soon as I opened the door {via button - I love my automatic door}. And then he was to RUN as fast as he could to the door and knock (if no one was there). Usually I walk him part way to the door.

Well he did just as I instructed. He unbuckled and proceeded to be launched forward onto his backpack once I stopped. Oops! He was struggling to get his backpack on so I told him just carry it and RUN! And boy-oh-boy did he RUN. He was running like a man on a mission. Probably the fastest I had ever seen him run. Unfortunately he was running down the sidewalk PAST the door he was to enter. I started honking trying to get his attention. But every time I would honk he would just lift his hand and wave at me {without looking back} as if to say "I got it mom".

After a moment's hesitation I began driving after him. So there I was driving, honking and calling his name out the window all with the door still open!  Charlotte didn't know what to think of my crazy antics.  Eventually Isaiah stopped and realized his error.  He then ran BACK to the door while I reversed to the door to make sure he made it safely inside. He did even though it was now 12:36.  Which means his teacher was there watching us the entire time.  I am sure we put on a good show:)

I drove out of that parking lot laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  Charlotte was utterly confused.  She didn't know if I was mad, sad or happy!  If only drop off was this fun every day...


  1. Oh Bear, what a story! I remember when the twins were in diapers, someone ALWAYS had to be changed right when we needed to leave to pick up Jack from prek. It's like they know!!

    1. It's like they are little conspirators, right?!? I can't believe it but I am looking forward to full day school next year just to have the drop off and pick up spaced out a bit!

  2. Oh my what a day!!! Thanks for the laugh, sorry to laugh at your expense. :) I can relate though, only our struggles are teeth brushing and getting on coats. Simple right? Not so much. And I only have 2 kids! But no matter how soon we start the process we are still ALWAYS late! However, today we were actually EARLY to MOPS and Lily was so excited and surprised that she proceeded to share with EVERYONE that we were actually EARLY, and at the same time pointing out that we are ALWAYS late! :) Guess it's just part of motherhood and this too shall pass right? :) I did really enjoy the visual of Isaiah running and you honking...and I'm sure everyone else enjoyed the show too! And were thankful it wasn't them on this particular morning! :)