Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Favorite Child

Saturday night a couple friends and I stayed up far too late sewing and chatting. Especially considering it was daylights savings "spring ahead"! We had a blast...this is likely to become a monthly occurrence:) We laughed the night away. Oh and we made ties for our {handsome} little boys!

When I got home Joe informed me that Hannah woke up after I left and proceeded to scream/cry at him for nearly an hour before going back to sleep. Yikes!! Thankfully my husband was gracious enough to allow me to stay at girls' night blissfully unaware of the "situation" at home. He really is a great guy.

Early Sunday morning Charlotte had a little accident in bed. However she was so considerate that she got herself out of bed and changed into clean pajamas all without waking her sister {they share a room} or us! We woke later {how much later we will never know} to Charlotte silently standing at the foot of our bed staring at us. Slightly creepy [yes] but somehow sweet at the same time.

I then showed Isaiah his new ties. His response, "I am not going to wear them. The patterns are NOT cool mom." A little deflated I told him that I had worked hard on them JUST FOR HIM and he was hurting my feelings. He paused, gave it some thought. And his final declaration was, "It isn't going to change my mind. I won't wear them."

I don't often pick a favorite child and certainly no awards will be given out.......BUT I was definitely leaning towards a favorite on Sunday morning:) No names shall be used though.

*In Hannah's defense she went to the church nursery for the first time on Sunday and we didn't get paged to pick her up early!
*In Isaiah's defense he did spontaneously tell me how pretty I looked and melted a little corner of my heart.
**I was wearing that yellow shirt (see picture above) the day I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte. Which also happens to be the day Joe ran his first and only half marathon. I have sentimental attachments to it even if I only spent 50 cents on it. {And it is observations like these that result in eye rolls from my husband...thus the random inclusion of this tidbit HERE.}

EDIT: I stand corrected. That was my husband's second half marathon! Yikes I should pay better attention. I mean 13.1 miles is kind of a big deal, especially considering I couldn't run a mile (even if my life depended on it). I wish I were kidding. I am not. This is the reason I started blogging. The fact that I have a TERRIBLE memory (not my lack of running ability). I want to remember this time of
my lifeour life as a family because it really is flying by too fast.

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