Monday, March 11, 2013

Bloom Where Planted

We have been here for 18 months. And we will be here for another 52.............. but who's counting?

I am happy to say that it is starting to feel like home. Obviously I don't like change and I take a while to adjust:)

Here are a few ways I know this is home:

Having our favorite places.
Going out in public and {occasionally} running into someone I know.
My kids' and I having friends. Being known as "Isaiah's mom" again. I missed that when we first moved here. I just wanted to be known, but more so I wanted my kids to be known and loved.
Having places we HAVE TO BE! To be needed outside of these 4 does the soul well.
Knowing my way around my grocery store.
Not getting lost every time I go out.

We only moved 270 miles away from our last home. But it feels like the other side of the world at times. It is a different culture here. And I have to constantly remind myself that it is just different, not BAD! Again, I don't do well with change. But by God's grace (and whole lot of patience from my husband) I am getting there.

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