Sunday, June 5, 2016

How To Acquire a MILLION 6 easy steps.

(This method is not limited to Shopkins. It can be used for a myriad of toys. I know from personal experience with super heroes and Hero factory. Which are two VERY different things despite sounding similar. Trust me. I have years of experience with boy toys/party planning.) 

Step 1. Allow your child to choose the theme for their upcoming birthday party. Do not limit their creativity. Toys that they do not currently own and that YOU as the party planner know NOTHING about are in no ways out of bounds. 

Step 2. Create (or buy!) an invitation. It's best to describe this party as an EXTRAVAGANZA. It just sounds like more fun! Try to ignore the fact that you are absolutely clueless about the chosen theme and therefore have no idea how to make this party an extravaganza. Allow birthday child to invite friends from all facets of their life (school, dance, church, neighbors, parent's work, etc). 

Step 3. Google and Pinterest "Shopkins", "DIY Shopkins Party", "Shopkins Characters", "Free Shopkins Party Decor" like it's your new part time job. Feel confident that you can do this! But don't actually do anything until a few days before the party. 

Step 4. Buy cheap generic party decor (table cloths, crepe paper, balloons, paper plates). And then attempt to make, create, print all the previously googled Shopkins party decor. If successful this will lead to that extra WOW factor that the guests are expecting thanks to that overzealous invitation you sent out in Step 1. If not it will lead to the next very necessary step...

Step 5. The day before the party make a frantic trip to the nearest chain party supply store. Search the aisles for anything Shopkins. Try not to panic when you find...nothing!  Part B. Ask sales associate for assistance. Sigh a big ole sigh of relief when there is indeed an entire Shopkins section. Buy ALL the Shopkins decor!

Step 6. Decorate your home in all of the purchased decorations. Try not to cringe too much as your dreams of a beautiful handmade party dies. Put a smile on your face and open your front door at the designated party time and watch the kids and all things Shopkins related pour in...much to your birthday child's delight!!

*Not mentioned but also very important is the planning of a few birthday theme related activities and a whole lot of food! Kids love food. They also love ice cream. I suggest not forgetting to buy ice don't like when you run out of ice cream. Or so I've been told.

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