Thursday, June 2, 2016

First vs Last Day

Apparently he was more excited to start school than to end it this year?!? Ok. Not really. He's just very anti-pictures these days. This was a phenomenal year for him. It was the first year he was challenged academically! And it was the first year I didn't hear "I learned nothing. School is boring" on a daily basis. He really thrived in third grade. His new school is a perfect fit for him. And we are so thankful for it. Because having a kid that is excited to go to school each morning makes the 7:30 am drop off a little less painful for his not-a-morning-person mother. If only he was that excited about homework too. (A mom can dream!) 

And my big kindergartner...

She has grown up a lot this year! Maybe not so much in stature but academically she has grown by leaps and bounds. She started this year only knowing her numbers and letters and ended it able to do addition and subtraction as well as reading! This girl LOVES school. She dreams of being a school teacher one day herself. She also really enjoys the social aspect of school as well. So much so that I've allowed her to invite her entire kindergarten class to her birthday party this weekend. It will be her first "big" party. (Wish me luck.) 

Oh goofy grandpa! You are always good for a laugh. 

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