Sunday, June 26, 2016

House Tour: Bedrooms

When I saw the next room scheduled in the house tour was "master bedroom" I almost didn't participate. I LOVE our master bedroom. It's spacious and bright. It's white. And it has an awesome vaulted ceiling with a wood beam. Plus a walk in closet and master bathroom. I've never had a private bathroom before! Lots of reasons to love my room. However it's not very photogenic:( For a few reasons. 1. It's rarely clean or tidy because it is mostly the collect-all space for the main floor of our house. And 2. It's not really decorated. We put the furniture in and threw a few things on the wall and called it done. Then I saw next week's prompt is kid bedrooms and I really wanted to give up on this house tour. Because let's be honest those rooms are always a disaster! But it's all about real homes, right? So I've decided to lump them all together in one big bedroom tour and be done with it.

Disclaimer: The only reason any of these rooms are somewhat presentable in these pictures is due to the fact that we were preparing to go to Minnesota for five weeks and I want to come home to a tidy home. That and I was worried if I left it a mess Joe would throw everything away in my absence! 

If you remember from the previous two room tours when you walk in our front door the kitchen is straight ahead and the living room is to the right. If you turn left there is a hallway that leads to our main floor bedrooms. (The laundry room and a bathroom are also down this hallway.) The first room is the boys' room. Our boys are ages 9 and 1. And thankfully (and surprisingly!) they both enjoy sharing a room. 

This is the room looking in from the hallway:

And the rest of the room...

(Yes Levi's crib sheet is pink. What can I say...he has two big sisters and that's the softest crib sheet we own.) 

Last summer when we moved here I decided Isaiah's room needed a theme. So I took him to the store, showed him a few sheet set options and let him choose. He chose sharks. I bought the sheets and asked/begged my mom to make some shark quilts. Voila! A theme. Recently I decided my early bird sons need to sleep in a bit. (I am not a morning person!) And blackout curtains were going to be the answer to my problem! So once again I took Isaiah to the store and allowed him to pick. He chose BLACK. I suggested gray would match his theme better. He then informed me he wants a new theme. (And that I didn't give him enough options originally.)  His new theme? Black. Everything black. Keep dreaming kid:) For the moment we have both the old shark curtains and new black blackout curtains on one rod. It's not going to stay that way permanently. Or at least I hope not. 

Isaiah insisted on being in the bedroom pictures. And how could I resist including him all cozy on his bed reading (Harry Potter)? I couldn't. Speaking of his bed. It's a hand-me-down from Joe when he was a boy. He shared it with his brother. And before that it was Joe's dad's childhood bunk bed with his brother. Isaiah is the third generation to use this bedroom furniture. How crazy is that?!

A little further down the hall (across from the main bathroom) is the girls' room. Our girls are ages 6 and 3 (nearly 4) and complete opposites in every way possible. And yet somehow they share a room and a bed quite nicely!

Their furniture is hand-me-downs from their Aunt Chelsea (Joe's little sister). And that amazing quilt and bed skirt were made by my mom while she stated with us this winter. 

Here's the main floor bathroom that can be seen across the hall from the girls' room:

Finally at the end of the hall is our master bedroom:

And another wonderful quilt made by my mom. 

The door on the left leads to the bathroom and the door on the right leads to the walk-in closet which REALLY is in no condition to be photographed! 

This little mattress usually lives under our bed...just in case we have any nighttime visitors. In reality we rarely pull it out. When a child crawls into our bed in the middle of the night neither of us can think straight enough to pull out the mattress. Instead we endure kicking and flopping and squirming until morning. And then we promise ourselves next time we will be more diligent about pulling out the mattress or returning the child to their proper bed. During the daytime we have great plans and ambitions...during the But back to the picture. It was out because we had a sick child for almost a week. And that child did not want to sleep in her room. Little mattress to the rescue! 

And lastly looking from our bed to the other side of the room. 

At the other end of that hall is the boys' room. Oh and that little workspace? Never been used. We recently moved Levi out of our room. Taking out the crib and glider left a lot of empty space! Which I thought would be perfect for a desk and my computer. And it is! Oh and the pack n play is always in that corner. With Isaiah home on summer break it works best to have Levi nap in our room so big brother can still play in his room during nap time. 

And that concludes our main floor bedrooms tour! 

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