Sunday, June 19, 2016


Joe worked overnight last night and will likely sleep the day away (for good reason). He probably won't even see this post for a couple days but the kids and I had a lot of fun creating this picture for him so I had to share...

It was an impromptu photo session this past week. The little kids and I were picking up Isaiah from Robotics Camp and I had coupons for free slush monkeys (from the gas station) burning a hole in my pocket so we stopped. I then realized I had a permanent marker in my purse. Those two facts + the need to kill some more time so Joe could sleep longer (thank you night shifts!) = a windy and ridiculously hot Father's Day photo session with my phone camera. 

The majority of my children thought this photo idea was pretty fun. And sneaky! And since I'm never the fun parent that buys them treats their love for those slush monkeys definitely rivaled their love for dad in that moment. (Fear not their love for their father definitely won. It always does. He is the real fun parent after all!) 

One child of mine was very unhappy with this photo session. The gas station didn't have any good slush monkey flavors! The spot I chose for pictures was terrible! Sitting for pictures is THE WORST! There is always one in the bunch;-)


And now onto my dad. Recently I shared this photo and story on Facebook and I thought it would be fun to share here as well. It's SO typical of my dad. And though the man can drive me bonkers at times, I love him and he has the best of intentions always. 

My parents have come down to Texas FOUR times in the (almost) year that we have lived here. And I am so grateful for their visits for many, many reasons. But one of the best reasons is the comedic relief they (unintentionally?) provide. Today's laugh provided by Grandpa Paul who has been working hard to do a little landscaping for us. Those rocks around the tree...he did that. Plus he added a few sea shells for decoration. However every morning he would find the shells scattered around the yard. He would gather them up and put them back and blame the birds. Today Hannah discovered the real reason the shells kept moving....crabs! The shells have crabs in them and they were walking off. Oops! We will chalk this one up to being clueless Minnesotans. Grandpa and Hannah are now returning all the shells to their beach home.

Happy Father's Day to a couple great dads! We love you both!


  1. Hi, it's Rebecca (you posted a comment asking about our dining room wall color). I wanted to make sure you saw this, so posted it on your newest post. Anyway, the wall was painted by our house's previous owners. The can is in garage. It's from Ace Hardware, "Clark & Kensington paint + primer in one (eggshell enamel)", the color was mixed & says "Gray Wisp" (#1570, base 127A310). The original color on can says "ultra white (tint base)". Another reader commented it looked like theirs which is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, so sweet of her! I hope this helps & good luck!
    :) Rebecca from reallyrebeccasblog