Sunday, June 12, 2016

House Tour: Living Room

Since moving here (exactly!) one year ago our house has slowly morphed into a home. Our home. Is it everything I dream of when I imagine "home"? Nope. But I like it. And I'm pleased with the changes we have made in order to make it our own. So I thought it would be fun to share some of the rooms in their updated and well lived in form. Today I'm starting with the living room (and linking up with Kelly's Korner House Tour). Just to be clear this little home tour is a mostly as-is tour. No staging. Minimal picking up. Nothing that would ever grace the pages of a home decor magazine or blog. But it's ours and we like it. It's comfortable and cozy. It's been a fun blank canvas to decorate (on a budget).

Without further ado...our living room as of 9 am today. A little (phone) photo shoot before church with the help of my boys. 

We really haven't done much to this room other than buying new-to-us furniture and a few decorations. The couch was an amazing Craigslist find after our microfiber sectional was vomitted on one too many times this past fall. Before we made the cross country move last summer Joe had tried to convince me that we should get rid of that sectional. But I resisted. And I don't like to admit it...but he was right! It was over 10 years old and pitiful. So thank you Hannah for throwing up on it. It needed to go. 

We actually own a coffee table however our eldest child has claimed it in his room as a Lego table. And for now I'm ok with that arrangement. I dream of buying and refurbishing an old coffee table or making one out of pallets. We shall see. I also dream of new (non brass) light fixtures in this room. That dream might come true this summer while the kids and I are visiting friends and family in Minnesota. My husband is a very handy man. He just needs time and space to work. Our absence will hopefully give him both! 

This staircase is behind the couch so while it may not technically be part of the living room it feels like it. Plus that collage wall is my FAVORITE. All my favorite people smiling down at me. Makes me happy. 

When the sectional made its departure from our home we were seriously lacking in seating. And it remained that way for a few months until we found these chairs at our local Goodwill. While technically not a matched set they are good enough for me! The print above the mantel is also a favorite of mine because the birch tree remind me of "home" (Minnesota). I'm sure my mantel and built in shelves are too "busy" according to design "rules" but again they make me happy. Lots of good memories stored on those shelves! Oh and just a few medical textbooks too. His and mine. 

Just a cute picture of my cute boy modeling his chair. It is right next to our basket of library books. It's his happy place:)

And now if you stood by the chairs and turned around the opposite direction you would see our entry way...

And the pile of clean laundry that seems to perpetually live in that chair! Now that I no longer have a baby to nurse and rock to sleep that chair has become far less essential to every day life and therefore the perfect place to hold my laundry until I eventually fold it. That particular pile has been there for almost an entire week. Like I said this is a real life tour. Clean laundry piled in corners that's my reality! And I have no problem sharing that with the world. However I did feel the need to pick up one cheerio and a rather large dust bunny before I snapped this picture. Because I'm logical like that! Ha. One of the first changes we made to this house was taking down the wallpaper and painting that wall light aqua. Joe thought I was ridiculous but I tried my hardest find a wall color to match the "Grow Where You are Planted" wall hanging. And I'm glad I did because I love that sign. (Thanks Meghan!) It is perfect for our current situation. Living 1400 miles from family and friends you really have to learn to grow (and hopefully bloom!) where planted. I'm trying to do just that. It isn't always easy. But I'm trying. 

Lastly there is a closet under our stairs. It's our game closet. And it's usually a mess. But I felt the tour wouldn't be complete without it. So here it is...

The kids LOVE that closet. Levi isn't usually allowed in there...for obvious reasons!

And here is this same room at 2 pm. In full use. My girls plus a new little friend. 

It's a great space and we are so thankful for this home. It allows us room to play. And even better than that we've got room to share! Last Thursday I hosted a play date for all the residency families - new and old - so everyone could meet. We had 22 children ages 9 and under running around this house. It was chaotic but so fun!


  1. We once had to get rid of a couch with too much vomit also (and a clean-laundry chair too, come to think of it). Thanks for sharing your beautiful, real home!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!