Monday, May 11, 2015

They call me Mama.

They also tell me delightful things like...

"Mama I dipped my bum in the potty!!!"

"You don't look fancy. But you do look nice mama." 

"There is poopy on my sleeve. Should I change my shirt?"

"I love you more than daddy. And I love ghosts more than you!"

For Mother's Day my kids gave me a delicious breakfast in bed...

and ate half of it too! I was also given a lap full of homemade gifts before I was even fully awake. (Compliments of their hard working and thoughtful school and church teachers.) I love them all. I mostly love how excited my kids were to present me with their creations. 

The gift I was less than pleased to receive this Mother's Day was their cold. I woke up achey and snotty. Pretty much worthless as a mother. So Mr. Blue Eyes and I spent most of our day like this...

There were no cute dressed up and matching mommy & kid pictures this year. I never made it out of my sweatpants. Just a whole lot of nose blowing and napping...while Uncle Mike and daddy took the kids to the zoo!

And then in a feeble attempt to care for my children (while Joe was away spending the evening with his mother) I tried to make pancakes for dinner. But the lack of pancake mix (and flour!) made that task impossible. And my extremely tired body and brain could not come up with an alwrnative (easy!) dinner. Luckily my mom took over. {Thanks mom! You saved me....again! And sorry for making YOU work on Mother's Day.} Her goulash hit the spot. 

So I guess not a terrible Mother's Day after all:)

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