Monday, May 4, 2015

10 Things

Here it is in no particular order, 10 things I have been doing lately. Things that have been keeping me from doing what I really NEED to be doing...which would be getting us ready to move across the country! Because procrastination is my middle name.

1. Sewing legging type shorts for my girls. Lots and lots of shorts. They have all been made from old t-shirts of mine or their (old, worn out) pants. No stretchy knit fabric is safe! I'm a crazy sewing lady.  Six pairs made so far with four more to go!

Cowgirls need legging shorts:)
2. Ironing Isaiah's button up shirts. Because that makes sense, right?!? Clearly right before we move is the time to start ironing! Oh and most of the shirts are long sleeved. Honestly. I'm not sure what possessed me. I really dislike ironing and yet I ironed...shirts that will likely not be worn!

3. Garage sailing for polo shirts. Size 5 girl polos and size 8 boy polos to be exact. Because in Texas the public schools have a dress code. Basically it allows polos and jeans (or khakis). Who knew?! Want to know what my kids don't own/wear? Polos and jeans! I'm on a mission to remedy that...and on the cheap!

4. Swim suit shopping for myself. Finding something flattering for my current figure has been challenging! Buying and returning swim suits is practically my new hobby. Which leads me directly into the next thing...

5. Running. Wait. That's too strong of a descriptor. Jogging with intermittent walking. Even that sounds generous. Walking with intermittent jogging. That's more accurate. Because halfway through my 0.6 mile "run" I decided it was too hard. I thought I might collapse. I decided I am just destined to be soft and round forever. That sounds easier. 

6. Trying on and purging my clothes. ALL of my clothes. Because I own too many. And I only wear a small percentage of them...because well....they don't fit! And haven't for years. Ok. This one is actually helpful for preparing to move. Helpful because we will be moving less stuff. Not so helpful for my emotional well being though. 

7. While the rest of the world waited for the new princess to be named I tried to remember the royal family's LAST name. When my memory failed me I checked other sources...mainly Wikipedia. And it failed me as well. Seriously! They must have a last name, right? Does anyone know? What is their last name?! Speaking of names. Clearly I like the new princess's name, Charlotte. It's one of my favorite names. I'm just not sure how I feel about them using it too! It's bound to become way too popular!

8. Daydreaming about how I'm going to set up our new house!!! For example, it has an "eat in" can I just set up the formal dining room as a playroom? Or do I use a guest room as the playroom? Speaking of I want the kids on the same level as the master bedroom or not? The fact that I (will) have enough rooms that this is even an option boggles my mind! I can't help but look at the pictures of our house (and the floor plan Joe drew for me) at least half a dozen times every day. Which leads me to....

9. Pinterest! I've spent far too much time perusing this site lately. Making plans. BIG plans for our new house. Even though I know only 0.05% will actually come to fruition. A girl can dream. And in those dreams her kitchen is pretty...and clean!

10. Contemplating changing my hair...somehow! I'm just not sure how exactly. I just know I need a change. Plus a very kind and thoughtful family friend gave me a gift card to a local salon as a "baby gift" after Levi was born and it's burning a hole in my pocket! I really want to use it BUT I'm indecisive. Should I cut my hair short(er) or get some color (ie ombré) put in?!?! And I'm afraid I'll make the wrong choice and regret wasting my gift card! Because seriously, this might be my favorite baby gift yet!!!

And now I'm going to waste even more time. Designing Joe's grad party invite. Clearly that needs to be done;-)

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  1. We have an eating mom in our kitchen with a table and a dining room table. Love having both-one for arts and legos, the other for food!!!