Wednesday, May 13, 2015

(my) sick days

It's amazing what a person can accomplish during a few sick-in-bed days. Like sleeping until noon (with a sick child!). I haven't done that in YEARS. Ok so maybe that isn't really an accomplishment but it sure felt good! Had it not been for the body aches, chills, hacking cough and nose-turned-faucet it probably would have felt downright heavenly! Besides blowing through box after box of kleenex, I've managed to finally delete the 2,000+ pictures off of my camera. No more pesky "CARD FULL" flashing up on my screen every other day. This task naturally lead to backing up my pictures from the computer to an external hard drive (x2). Years and years of pictures are now safe. Not a single moment of my childrens' childhood will be lost! Also I've pretty much read through every single post/picture/article that has popped up in my facebook feed for the past 72 hours. And I'm completely caught up with all 36 blogs I follow. I've diligently watched Joe feed and bathe and care for our children. I've also watched him wash and fold and sort half a dozen loads of laundry. (I managed to fold a few pieces of clothing because I'm generous like that!)

Just a sampling of the pictures I saved for prosperity...
May 2012
February 2013
January 2015
January 2015
February 2015

I have also had WAY TOO MUCH time to think and worry about all the big changes in our near future. Because ready or not Joe starts residency in 34 days! Yikes. And right now I feel like we fall more on the NOT side of that equation. We have a truck rented and a moving date set. And we have home owners (and wind/storm/rain) insurance. We even have a tentative closing date on the house. But what we don't have is the final approval for a mortgage. Or the current homeowners signature on the updated contract! So basically we don't have the house...yet. Details. Shmetails. Poor Joe. He's working so hard to get all those things sorted out. Want to know what isn't helping? His sick wife pestering him every 2.5 minutes "to see if anything has changed". Spoiler Alert: It hasn't! And he will let me know as soon as it does.

I've done my fair share of complaining about medical school these past four years so I need to take a moment and acknowledge that right now I LOVE medical school. Thank you fourth year for allowing me to have my husband home with me right now. Taking care of our children (and me!). For doing everything for our family while I rotate between time in bed and time on the couch. It's been nice. Well as nice as being sick can be. Having a spouse in medical school isn't all bad! 

Lastly my sick days have allowed me plenty of time to imagine what our life will be like once residency starts. And while I'd like to live in the land of denial. One in which it will be no big deal. And Joe will still be around and involved in our day-to-day lives.  I know I am in for a rude awakening! Because...well...I've been spoiled these past nine months with having a set of grandparents at my disposal! I'm not sure I'm actually capable of parenting my four children...let alone keeping them fed, hydrated and alive! My parenting muscles are slightly atrophied these days. I'm more of a spectator than an athlete. So yes. I'm afraid. Very afraid. I have the fear of residency in me. Meaning when I'm not requesting a minute-by-minute house update from Joe I'm asking him what he thinks residency will be like for our family! Being the non-talker that he is he just loves this! Or not. 


  1. I think you have a great attitude approaching residency. It is really hard but manageable. We didnt have children during the process but many of our friends did and they all made it out alive and happy :) Its kind of a one day at a time thing but it is so worth it :)

    1. Thank you! The closer we get to residency the more scared I am getting...things are about to get real!