Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm a hoarder.

Hello my name is Bethany. And I'm a clothes hoarder. Specifically baby and kids clothes. Ok. Clothes for me too. I get a little attached to them. But I'm working on it. Yesterday Joe and I dumped out ALL of my boy clothes (sizes 6 months to 5 years). There were a lot of clothes there. (And a lot of memories too!) It was a MOUNTAIN of clothes. I then spent the rest of my afternoon/evening/late night sorting and purging clothes. Too many of the same type? Into the "going away" bin they went! Too wintery for south Texas? Gone! Too ugly that I didn't like putting it on Isaiah when he was little and therefore very likely will never use with Levi? Gone. Gone. Gone! Just don't want it? Gone too. 

While it was somewhat painful at times to sort all these clothes, it felt good. Freeing in an odd sort of way. And I am very proud of myself for the THREE empty bins I had at the end of this process.

I think I've earned the right to say I am a recovering clothes hoarder! 

P.S. Joe has always disliked storing and moving these clothes...but he's never volunteered to buy me new kid clothes so I've kept them. And overall I am very happy we have kept all these boy clothes through the years. Levi has a nearly complete wardrobe ready and waiting for him for the next 5+ years. It might be slightly dated. But good usable clothes nonetheless. 

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