Friday, May 1, 2015

Pokemon Craze

Its a real thing. Or at least it is in this house with a certain snaggle toothed seven year old boy...

And its rubbing off on his sisters too! At lunch today they told me that they are going to ask for Pokemon cards (and chocolate!) for Christmas this year. Hannah went crazy and added a toothbrush and toothpaste to her list. I'm not sure how Santa will afford such extravagant gifts:-) We might have to reign them in a bit...

Speaking of affording things. Isaiah owns seven Pokemon cards. And not a single one has been purchased. Or stolen...thank goodness! He wanted Pokemon cards but didn't have money to spend. So he made rainbow loom Pokemon figures and traded them for cards at school! It was pretty ingenious if you ask me. 

Look its a pony!

Nope. Its Zorua. A pokemon.  Just hanging out in our yard waiting for his picture to be taken.

These last two pictures...all Isaiah's idea! He posed him "in his natural habitat" and asked me to take his picture and post them on my blog. Of course I was more than willing. How do you say no to that cuteness? 

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