Wednesday, May 27, 2015

South Dakota

Almost two months ago we were supposed to go to South Dakota to visit my sister and her family on their ranch one last time before we move. BUT her babies got sick. RSV. And then my kid got sick. Croup. Oh and one of her kids had bronchiolitis too.  So we decided it was best to keep our germs segregated to minimize the illnesses amongst our (combined) eight children! It was the responsible thing to do. NOT the easy thing to do. Because we didn't know if we would be able to reschedule our visit or not. But alas it happened. Last weekend. We went to South Dakota sans illness. AND get this, because we waited (nearly) two months my brother and his family were able to join us as well!!! It had been nearly 18 months since we had all been together. It felt downright miraculous that all TWENTY TWO of us were able to spend an entire weekend together. That's eight adults, ten kids, and four babies in one house for three and half days. Yes, it was just as crazy as it sounds. But mostly it was wonderful. And totally worth all the craziness. Because honestly (though I hate to admit it) I don't know when we will see these people....again. It could be 6 months. It could be 3 years. But enough about that. Lets get to the good stuff.

Our trip to South Dakota in pictures (and a few words).


It was cousins playing. And babies sleeping. 
It was mommas making meals. And Grandma cleaning up afterwards.
It was adults chatting. And kids running wild.
It was babies crying. And Grandpa holding them.
Checking cows and tagging calves.
Muddy pick up truck rides and rope swinging in the barn.
Climbing and jumping from hale bales. 
Watching a live performance by the "big kids".  
It was too many kids in a bath tub. And never enough time together.
Family pictures. Professional and just the regular kind.
It was late nights and early mornings.
It was skinned knees and splinters. 
It was wonderful. And messy. It was good.
Because it was us. All of us together.
It was memories in the making.

Oh and it was our 12th wedding anniversary too. 
But honestly, that hardly felt like a tiny blip on the radar. 
Somehow it was secondary to all this fun family time.

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