Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Levi : 16 weeks

(Almost a week late. Oops.)

Likes: His hands! More specifically gnawing on his hands. Preferably both of them at the same time, but he'll settle for one fist if thats all he can jam in there. His daddy. He loves his daddy probably more than he loves his hands. Seriously. I was sick for a week and half and barely got out of bed so they spent A LOT of quality time together. They are now bonded. And I love it. He also loves hanging with his cousins. Which leads me right to...

Dislikes: Long and boring car rides. Four hours of drive time is his limit. Then he cries screams his cute little fuzzy head nearly off. So um...driving 1400 miles next month for the big move should be interesting.

Quirks and habits: He is not in the habit of sleeping long stretches at night. In fact he has regressed in his sleep habits since his last update. I'm getting tired. Very, very tired. Again should make for a fun move! Or not. However he makes up for his lack of sleep by doing all sorts of adorable big baby things these days. Like grabbing for and "playing" with toys...or anything I am holding. He also giggles for his daddy. Its not yet a full belly laugh. But it is cute. And since his mommy forgets (neglects??) to do tummy time for the boy he has decided to roll over from back to tummy and make his own tummy time! Such a smart little nugget. And when he isn't rolling over he is kicking. He kick, kick, KICKS like he is ready to take off. But thankfully he (mostly) stays put.

Reasons why I am currently smitten with him: Because he is small and squishy. And smiley and he LAUGHS. I know I said it last time too. But he really is at a great stage! Laughing and smiling and filling my days (and nights!) with cuddles and cuteness. Its all too much. My heart feels like it is going to burst with joy just looking at him.

And now I will end with a quote from Isaiah after an early morning cuddle in my bed with his brother, "Oh Levi, you smell so good. You smell half like baby and half like mama!"


  1. The quote is the BEST! Half baby, half mama! Aw, be still my heart! Can't wait to read about your NEW HOUSE!!!!!

    1. I know. He melted me with that one!

      And I can't wait to see my house!!!! There will be posts. Many posts. I promise.