Friday, February 27, 2015

Levi : 4 weeks

LIKES: Eating & growing (I am already packing up newborn clothes. Stop growing little man!), his froggy wubbanub (And don't take it exhibited above in the 3 week picture. Although he is fickle about his froggy. He LOVES it during the day. Not as much at night.), swinging (once he is asleep or already content), bath time and diaper changes (particularly on his changing table), his carseat and long car rides (although sometimes this could fit under the dislike category as I guess its a toss up!) and most of all ME (he has definitely figured out who his mama is and prefers me - I don't mind one little bit!). Oh and wearing stripes apparently! 

DISLIKES: getting dressed, not being held all night long (or not being fed all night long for that matter!), being left behind when mommy runs errands and taking breaks from eating to burp. 

QUIRKS & HABITS: Levi has the saddest newborn cry (best I can describe it as a cross between a pony and hoarse infant - pulls at my heart strings every.single.time because it is just so pitiful). This boy spits up A LOT and I never seem prepared for it! Just this past week at MOPS I settled him to sleep upright on my chest and he instantly spit up...and it all ran down my shirt (inside my bra!). And I had no way to clean it up and I didn't want to disrupt the meeting. So there I say with a snuggly baby and warm spit up covering me. Motherhood never felt less glamorous!

Reasons why I am currently smitten with him...
He has THE softest baby head (I know all babies have soft skin, but I don't remember my other babies' heads being THIS soft. It's heavenly. And I rub it constantly.). 

After feeding times (when he hasn't dozed off) he gazes up at me with his baby blue eyes (just like his daddy!) and snuggles up to my chest and fits perfectly, And in those moments all the hours of lost sleep are forgotten...and almost forgiven!

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